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This is the World's Most Expensive Artwork! This artwork was created in 2018 by the freelance artist and graduated illustrator, Frederik F. Mettjes (Master of Arts), from Hamburg, Germany. The world's first self-pricing Crypto-artwork is programmed by the Blockchain-based 'smart contract' algorithms to always be more expensive than any other artwork in the world.

The original digital painting and the source code of the artwork is securely stored and encrypted on the Ethereum Blockchain; only accessible by the owner of the artwork. No other copy consisting of the original HD quality and no watermarks exists. Furthermore, the artwork consists of 1 million ERC-20 tokens that are accessible to everyone (via Ethereum’s cryptocurrency Ether [ETH]).

Moreover, the algorithms in the DNA of the artwork guarantee that the artwork will retain its status of being the most expensive artwork in the world. How? Well it is linked via Ethereum smart contracts to the most expensive artworks ever sold, so that the price automatically adjusts to the highest price on the market. In addition, the price of the artwork increases daily (see price prediction) with consideration of the inflation rate and rise in value.

To become the owner of the artwork, you can purchase it above for ..loading.. Ether. Alternatively, you can easily buy a token share for any amount (see below).



Year of work



Frederik F. Mettjes

Ente mit Wasser


2000 x 2000 px

Digital painting Crypto-artwork

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World‘s Most Expensive Artwork by Frederik F. Mettjes

The Artist

Frederik Folkert Mettjes was born on March 31, 1981 in Hamburg, Germany as the youngest of three siblings. After studying illustration at the HAW Hamburg and graduating with the academic degree Master of Arts, Frederik F. Mettjes worked as a freelance artist, illustrator and lecturer.

A variety of cartoons, portraits, paintings of 'women and animals' represent his phenomenal talent and exciting range of artistic oeuvre. See his work at – www.mettj.es. Among other pieces of art, he has added more than 900 paintings to his portfolio as part of the ‘Fresh Fish’ (Der Frische Fisch) series, in just over 10 years. Find more information at – www.frischer-fis.ch.

Tokens HOT

WEMA Certificate

The World's Most Expensive Artwork consists of 1 million token shares based on Ethereum’s ERC20 token standard. The Token or Coin name is 'WMEA'. 1 WMEA represents the one millionth part of the value of the artwork. Also, small segments of the tokens – smaller than 1 WMEA – are available.

You can buy and transfer WMEA tokens, check your balance and download a token certificate below. Tokens are available only as long as supplies last. Please use MetaMask (browser) or Coinbase wallet (mobile) for processing - see also FAQ and read the Disclaimer and the Terms & conditions.

World‘s Most Expensive Artwork Tokens


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World‘s Most Expensive Artwork Tokens


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Price prediction

Ranking of World's Most Expensive Artworks
# Price (Mio. USD) Artwork Artist Date of sale Year of work
1 loading Ente mit Wasser Frederik F. Mettjes - 2018
2 450.3 Salvator Mundi Leonardo da Vinci 15.11.2017 ~1500
3 300 Interchange Willem de Kooning 01.09.2015 1955
4 250 The Card Players Paul Cézanne 01.04.2011 1892/93
5 140 No. 5, 1948 Jackson Pollock 02.11.2006 1948
6 135 Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer Gustav Klimt 18.06.2006 1907
7 82.5 Portrait of Dr. Gachet Vincent van Gogh 15.05.1990 1890
8 58 Portrait of Joseph Roulin Vincent van Gogh 01.08.1989 1889
9 53.9 Irises Vincent van Gogh 11.11.1987 1889
10 39.7 Vase with Fifteen Sunflow Vincent van Gogh 30.03.1987 1988


WMEA Schema


General / Understanding

What is 'World’s Most Expensive Artwork'?

'World's Most Expensive Artwork' is an art project by German artist Frederik F. Mettjes. It combines blockchain technology with digital painting and the principles of the commercial art market. It's the first Crypto-artwork, which determines its selling price and is therefore always the most expensive artwork in the world. The necessary programming was implemented in so-called 'smart contracts' of the Ethereum blockchain with the programming language 'Solidity'. The digital painting was created with the Software 'Painter'; there is only this one digital original - no more copies, apart from low-res view duplicates. Only the owner of the artwork designated through the smart Contracts has access to the original. In addition, the artwork consists of 1,000,000 crypto tokens that anyone can buy. These crypto-tokens serve to preserve the value of the artwork, as they represent a share of the artwork and can be freely traded without ever having to sell the whole entire artwork. The overall value is ultimately defined by this. So, this synthesis is composed from the digital painting, the smart contracts and the crypto tokens all together, producing the 'World's Most Expensive Artwork'. Is it a fake or scam? No, absolutely not! No more or less than any other form of contemporary fine art.

What is the Ethereum Blockchain?

Ethereum based on Bitcoin's blockchain idea and is one of the biggest innovations in recent years. Ethereum is an open-source, blockchain-based decentralized computing platform and operating system featuring smart contracts; applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference. These apps run on a custom built blockchain, which is an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property. The Ethereum platform has its own Cryptocurrency – 'Ether'. All transactions between smart contracts are made with 'Ether' (ETH), which is why the artwork and tokens must also be purchased in the cryptocurrency 'Ether'. See also [email protected] and view the Ethereum Project.

Why is this the most expensive artwork in the world?

Because the algorithms in the smart contracts are programmed so that the price of the artwork is always higher than the price of the most expensive artwork ever sold on the market. In addition, the average price of artwork – with consideration of inflation rates – is steadily becoming more and more expensive. The artwork can never possess a lower price again… even the owner cannot reduce the price.

The artwork was never sold, why is it worth that much?

Although the artwork may not have been sold as a whole piece until now (?), its value is at least defined by the price of each token sold. It’s similar to a stock corporation, whose enterprise value is also determined from the number and size of their shares. This means that if someone has bought only a section (the tokens) of the artwork for a certain partial amount, the whole artwork is worth as much in economic terms as the total amount. That's the main reason why the tokens exist.

What are WMEA Tokens?

The tokens are based on Ethereum's ERC20 token standard and are freely available. The artwork consists of 1,000,000 tokens (or coins). The price of the tokens is calculated from the current price of the artwork. One can also buy smaller units than 1 token, e.g. 0.02 tokens... If you've bought all 1 million tokens, the whole artwork will automatically be yours. The entire crypto and sales process is explicitly part of the creative, artistic oeuvre. The token or coin name/symbol is 'WMEA'. Attention: Before you buy tokens, read the Disclaimer and all Terms & conditions carefully! Please note that the use of this artwork is at your sole risk and without warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied.

Getting started

Can I buy 'World's Most Expensive Artwork'?

Yes, sure - if you have enough money in cryptocurrency 'Ether' (ETH) press the button "Buy" and become the owner of the most expensive artwork in the world. Before purchasing, we recommend you install the free plug-in ‘MetaMask’ on your browser, so you can make the purchase through your Ethereum Wallet (where your money/ether is located). As the owner, you can also download the digital original (which I do not recommend) or check the authenticity of possible counterfeits via the hash value of the digital painting.
Attention: Before you buy tokens, read the Disclaimer and all Terms & conditions carefully! Please note that the use of this artwork is at your sole risk and without warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied.

How can I buy and transfer Tokens?

You can buy tokens by entering any amount of 'Ether' or 'WMEA' (tokens) and pressing 'Buy'. Please install the plug-in MetaMask on your browser or Coinbase Wallet on mobile phones so that you can use your Ethereum Wallet (here are your ethers) to buy WMEA tokens, secure them in your wallet and transfer them.
Attention: Before you buy tokens, read the Disclaimer and all Terms & conditions carefully! Please note that the use of this artwork is at your sole risk and without warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied.

Where do I get 'Ether' (ETH) from?

You will need to purchase 'Ether' (ETH) from a cryptocurrency exchange such as 'coinbase', and then transfer the ETH from your exchange wallet to your MetaMask wallet. Unfortunately, you cannot process the purchase from an exchange account directly.

What is Metamask or Coinbase Wallet?

MetaMask is a third-party plug-in for Chrome or Firefox; a digital wallet used specifically with Ethereum web apps. MetaMask is a bridge between the Ethereum Network and your Browser, which is incredible easy to use. See: https://metamask.io/
Coinbase Wallet is a third-party App for iOS or Android phones; a digital wallet used specifically with Ethereum web apps (DApps).See: https://wallet.coinbase.com/

How do I get a certificate of my purchase?

If you purchased WMEA Tokens, you can download a PDF by pressing the 'Your Token Certificate' button. You can print it yourself. The certificate is for visualization purposes only.

Others / Contact

How do I reach the Frederik Mettjes regarding a project, partnership, or investment opportunity?

Please do not hesitate to contact me when it comes to supporting my oeuvre, implementing projects or commissioning other works of fine art. Plus, you can happily reach out to me if you're an art collector, curator, gallerist or a museum - [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you.
Please note that the use of this artwork is at your sole risk and without warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied.